The Hula Bay Way

Surfers have a name for the spot in the water where the waves are breaking and the real surf action lies.
The impact zone.
Here at home, we call this place The Hula Bay Club and Duke’s Retired Surfer’s Island Bar.
We’re nestled along the Tampa Bay waterfront alongside Port 32, Florida’s premier marina operator, and soaked in the lush, laid-back landscape of an island paradise fit for even the father of modern surfing and our namesake, Duke Kahanamoku.
Sure, we’re big fans because he was an Olympic gold-medalist swimmer credited with introducing our favorite sport across the world. But what we like best about Duke was how he took everything in stride, one wave at a time. Life’s short and too many of us forget to book a little time for ourselves to experience it… enjoy a delicious meal or drink with a friend, listen to live music, spend some time with our family. Duke once said, “Out of the water, I’m nothing.” We feel that way, too, that’s why at The Hula Bay Club, the water is always a part of everything we do - from our signature seafood dishes to our heavenly waterfront view.
Duke may have been called “surfer of the century,” but we think of him as a great teacher, too. We could all learn a few things from him to bring that carefree style into our own busy lives (no wetsuit required). So here at The Hula Bay Club, we’re stoked that we get to carry out the legend and the lessons of Duke every day – through our colorful bar and grill, our eclectic menu and the coolest servers and bartenders this side of the Bay.
Consider it The Hula Bay Way, a combination of Hang Ten and Take Five. At The Hula Bay Club and Duke’s Retired Surfer’s Island Bar, we know there’s nothing better than experiencing good food with good company at a place where you can truly sit back and relax. We hope to see you soon.
Until then…aloha!

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